About Audio Books Easy (ABE)

Who is Audio Books Easy and what do we do?

  • ABE has created an Easy site to perform your work in. ABE is comprised of two parts. The production and marketing part, and the retail sales part.
  • In the first part ABE brings professional people together to create Audio Books and eBooks. Our primary goal is to create win-win relationships with Publishers, Authors, Literary Agents, Management, Audio Producers eBook Producers as well as Audio Editors and Narrators.
  • The second part of this site has been developed to provide Audio Book and eBook retail sales in the forms of download, CD’s and DVD’s.
  • Did I mention that ABE pays you a minimum of 70% of income generated by your book(s).
  • ABE will not take ownership of your Rights. You will always maintain the Rights to your book(s)
  • ABE does not restrict you from marketing your book products. You are free to market your book products anywhere you wish.
  • ABE does not accept books that promote violence or hate.

To begin working in ABE please Register and create your Profile.  The paths are EASY.

ABE is here to work with you!