Earn income from Audio Book and eBook sales with ABE.

At Audio Books Easy (ABE), our belief is that of the Win-Win action.  And it is an Action.  There is a saying, “Nothing Happens Until Something Moves”.  ABE has made the decision to Move the bar away from collecting large profits for just those at the top and actually Move more of the profits into your efforts.  You are the top.

In a nut shell, you the Copyright Holder, will earn a minimum of70% of the income that your books sell for.

Your Earning Power.

  • 70% Income that your books sell for.  1 – 5 unique titles (ISBN numbers)
  • 75% Income that your books sell for.  6 – 10 unique titles (ISBN numbers)
  • 80% Income that your books sell for.  10+ unique titles (ISBN numbers)

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Earn additional cash from your writing by selling eBooks and Audiobooks.