Welcome to Audio Books Easy, LLC (ABE) We at ABE have endeavored to make your job as Producer EASY!  The following are details and summaries of the Easy procedures. Once you have logged in and completed your profile, you will want to begin searching through all the Book Titles to see which ones you wish to audition for.

What You Should Know

  • PayPal Account ABE pays your fee via PayPal.  If you do not have a PayPal account, please enroll now.  It is free.
  •  Add Voice Samples   Upload your voice samples in your Profile Page.  Authors & Publishers will be able to listen to your samples.  They will contact you when they find the voice that they like.
  •  Submit AuditionsAs you search through all the book titles, you choose the books that you believe your voice and or your voice actors voices will do those books justice.  Once you have performed the audition, cleaned it up for a professional sound, you simply upload the MP3 file (audition) into the Upload Audition place in the Book Title Listing Page.
  •  Receive an OfferThe Author/Publisher will contact you through the ABE messaging system should the Author/Publisher like your audition sample.
  •  First 10 MinutesThe next step is to record, edit and master the first 10 minutes of the audio book.  You must perform this production as you will for the entire audio book per the Audio Consistency Requirements.   The Author/Publisher will approve the first 10 minutes.  Once you have approval, you’ll continue to produce the entire audio book.
  •  Submit Complete Audio BookOnce complete you upload each chapter plus the sample and the Opening & Closing Credits into the Book Title List Page link ?? .
  • Audio Book Approval and Getting Paid   Once author/publisher approves the audio book for sale, your fee will be transferred via PayPal into your PayPal account.