Audio Book Narrators


As an Audio Book Narrator, please do the following to get set up in the ABE system.

Audio Book Narrators fall into a couple of different areas.

  1. You’re an author that narrates your own book(s).  You may also fall into the second area.
  2. You’re a narrator with a home studio who does not have the technology or know how to perform the audio editing and mastering to produce a professional Audio Book.

Should you find yourself in these two areas,  that’s OK, ABE will point you in the right direction.

Here’s how it works:

  • If you are an independent narrator seeking work, go to our Audio Producers List invite audio producers to listen to your audio sample(s).  It’s the audio producers in the ABE system that will be hiring you.
  • If you are an Author who wants to narrate your book(s) and you have a professional home studio allowing you to perform the audio editing and mastering, then go to our Literary Agent page and follow the Easy procedure for uploading your book into the system.
  • If you are an Author with a amateur level home studio and you do not have the technology or the know-how to perform the audio editing and master to the ABE specifications, we highly recommend that you search our Audio Producers List and find a voice talent and producer that can produce a professional audio book for you.  But, if you insist on recording your own voice go to the How ABE Works page and follow the normal procedure of choosing a Audio Producer.  You will want to inform the Producer that you are the voice talent and author.