eBook Title Page


Authors, Publishers, Literary Agents and Managers enter your Book Title information here.  This section is for eBook Production.

  •  You will need to complete a eBook Title page for each book that you wish produced or uploaded for retail sales.


( front cover Pic) to be uploaded here

  • Book Title ______________________________
  • Author _________________________________
  • Publisher ______________________________
  • Page Count ____________________________
  • Genre _________________________________
  • Fiction/Nonfiction ________________________
  • Book Summary _________________________ 1,000 word max.


The E Book Section

Audio Books Easy, LLC (ABE) will convert and prepare your eBook for the eBook market, and distribution network. You will receive a minimum 70% of the income.
As an Author, Publisher, Literary Agent or Manager please perform the following:

• Click here to complete the eBook Legal Agreements.   You will complete this for each book you intend to have converted and marketed.

How to Submit Your Book Content

    1. View the eBook Cost, Pricing & Income Schedule
    2. Make your payment.  Payment will be made through either PayPal or regular credit card method.  ABE accepts Visa, Master Card Discovery and American Express.  Click here for secure payment.  Make Payment.  
    3. Submit eBook through E Mail   sale@audiobookseasy.com
    4. Through the ABE messaging system
    5. Publishers, Literary Agents or Managers that have 10 or more titles to go to market, please use out FTP (file transfer protocol system)

ABE will also require the following :
ISBN ________________________
Title _______________________________
Author ________________________________
Publisher _________________________________
Publication Date _________________
BISAC Audience _______________________________
BISAC Subject _____________________________________

Cover Images, Preparation

• The following file format: PNG or JPEG. Use highest quality setting.
We do not accept .TIFF, .PDF or .BMP graphic files.
• The longest side of the digital image must be between 1000min – 2,000max pixels, with the shorter side proportional.
• Scanner resolution must be between 72-150 dpi.
• Do not send extremely high resolution scans. (over 300 dpi)
• The image must be a flat cover scan cropped tight to the sides of the product. (Do not send one image containing both the front and back of the product, or an image with drop shadows; three dimensional photos will only be accepted in certain cases, such as multivolume sets.)
• Separate image files MUST be provided for each ISBN. If the same cover is being used for a paperback/hardcover combo, you will need to duplicate the image and name it accordingly. (ISBN# front Cover)
• Each image file should contain only one product by ISBN. Do not submit group shots of products. Do not submit multiple products in one file.
• Do not submit placeholder images.

• The image must be in RGB (do not send images in CMYK).
• ISBN-13 and ISBN-10 are both acceptable. Use no hyphens in ISBNs. (For ISBN-10, use a capital letter if it contains an “X.”)
• The bit depth should be set no lower than 8 bits.
• We accept scans of back and interiors. To differentiate back scans, “_back” should be added to the ISBN (e.g., 9781234568901-back.jpg). Naming for interior shots is 9781234568901-int01.jpg, 9781234568901-int02.jpg, etc.
• For interior shots, please submit no more than seven images.
• Be consistent with your names as we cannot process files that are improperly named.
• Any images sent by email should be sent as separate attachments named by ISBN. Do not place images in the body of the email.

Once your book is formatted for E Books, you’ll receive a copy to proof.  Once approved, your E Book will go live in retail sales.  If not approved, contact ABE immediately through ABE’s message system letting us know exactly the issue that needs editing.